ATM Services

The leading ATM/ABM provider in the Greater Toronto Area

ATM Services

The leading ATM/ABM provider in the Greater Toronto Area

For the past 15 years, Capital Funds ATM has been helping hundreds of businesses across the Greater Toronto Area by leveraging a new revenue stream through ATM transactions. In 2020 alone, over 252,000 transactions and $18 million dollars were withdrawn from Capital Fund’s ATM fleet. Our purpose through and through is to provide our clients a way of earning passive income through these transactions while providing their customers the ease of convenience.

Types of Programs We Offer

Option 1

ATM Green

We own ATM,
We Service &
We Cash load

We provide the cash and manage all aspects of the ATM for you. You share the ATM surcharge revenue and gain all the benefits of offering an ATM at your establishment.

  • Free Processing
  • Free Service, Installation & Training
  • No Capital Investment Required
  • Share in ATM Revenue
  • 100% Passive

Option 2

ATM Green

We Own ATM &
You Cash Load

We own the ATM, you fill it and earn a higher percentage of returns.

  • Cash Alerts sent to your phone
  • Online Monitoring & Realtime Reporting
  • Free Service, Installation & Training
  • No Purchase Required
  • Support & Service for Life

Option 3

ATM Black

You Own the ATM
& We Cash Load

You own the ATM machine, and we provide the cash and fill. You get to maximize your returns.

  • No Day to Day Time Invested, 100% Passive
  • Free Service & Installation

Option 4

ATM Black

You Own the ATM
& You Cash Load

You own the ATM machine, you provide the cash and load. You get 100% of the surcharge.

  • Best Return on Investment
  • Free Service, Installation & Training

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    Hyosung Halo 2

    The HALO II provides the best value of any retail chain dispenser in the industry with added peace-of-mind from enhanced security features at an affordable price.








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      Safety and Security

      Now, your worry may be the security of the ATM itself. At Capital Funds ATM, we pride ourselves in our cutting edge technology in real time tracking. We employ a variety of best practices to ensure we minimize risk and theft for our clients. Some of which includes:

      • Never load an ATM on a set schedule
      • Load ATMs properly within 2 minutes by quickly swapping an empty cash cassette with full one
      • Properly load and secure ATMs
      • Full insure cash against theft, both in transit and inside the ATMs

      What Makes Us Different?

      We do not subcontract any work, making us more self reliant and less subject to the whims of third party providers. We can respond immediately to any issue, including bill jams, while other companies have to schedule their third party loader, as bills are located in the safe. This means you will be in contact with our team who will be providing you what was promised. We are able to attend your issues immediately whether it is bill jams, system errors, low inventory etc. While third party loaders require the company to be in contact with them to access their safe. By not outsourcing, this allows us to be very nimble and respond to any emergency cash fills at a moment’s notice.

      Furthermore, we share this data from our reporting and monitoring website. This allows you to view ATM performances, statistics and uptime in real time. We believe that in order to deliver the best service we must remain as transparent as possible.

      Fast Cash Loading

      Fast Cash Loading

      Due to the use of direct respondents, we are able to address any emergency cash fills at a moment’s notice. We never use third-party loaders which ensures maximum accuracy and efficiency for our clients. Capital Funds ATM also offers monitoring and reporting online, which allows us, and our clients to monitor each machine. All other ATM servicing is done in-house by our skilled technicians.